Snow Dogs star Cuba Gooding Jr. was at Tao Lounge in Chelsea Saturday night when his night of "being all skeezy and hitting on girls" was apparently interrupted by fighting between a group of men seated next to him in the bar's VIP area, a source tells the New York Daily News' Confidential.

"Cuba was sitting at this table hitting on girls all night," a "front-row" source told Confidential. "These four rich kids, who were maybe 21 or 22, started hitting on these girls at the promoter's table and (the girls) weren't having it." The night apparently took a turn after one club promoter realized a lot of women were paying attention to him. From Confidential:

Tensions remained high until just before 1 a.m., several more attractive female partygoers started descending on promoter's Nick Andreottola's table and he told the quartet of single guys they'd have to skedaddle — and they were not pleased about the request.

"They started arguing and everyone was being all macho, then one of the kids poured a bottle of vodka on Nick's head," we're told. That's when Andreottola who runs a promotional company called Status Luxury Group, knocked the bottle away from one of the weekend warriors and two of those guys attacked him with Gooding seated right in the middle of it.

The actor "just sat there doing nothing," Confidential's source says, as two women were "tackled" in the brawl that " included the three combatants and two security guards." Two more tables apparently got involved before security broke the fight up.

"Cuba barely reacted while girls were getting shoved around," the source told Confidential. "Then he got back to being all skeezy and hitting on girls."

Sounds like Cuba had a great night.

[Image via AP]