An aspiring Chicago rapper calling himself "Rhymes Priebus"—get it? Like Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus. Heh heh—got more media coverage than ever today when he drove around members of President Obama's press pool during a chauffeur gig he'd picked up. And with all that newfound fame came another first: The first time a conservative publication called him a slur on the internet.

According to the pool report, Rhymes is "a 26-year-old Indian American unemployed aspiring economist and rapper." His is the kind of quirky story pool journalists latch on to to add some color to their otherwise dry and often thankless job of following around the President and writing down his every move. But the Daily Caller couldn't leave it at that.

After doing a quick write-up on the "apparent wanna-be hip-hop star," the conservative publication, founded by failed Dancing with the Stars contestant Tucker Carlson, tweeted this (before deleting the tweet almost immediately):

In deference to anyone who's not a Mobb Deep fan, HNIC stands for "Head Nigger in Charge"—a good name for a Prodigy rap song, maybe, but probably not the best punch line for a dumb tweet, particularly because neither Reince Priebus nor Rhymes Priebus are black. One has to assume this means the Daily Caller associates rap music as being the sole realm of people one might call "head niggers." Good to know.

[Image via AP]