Photo: AP

Dallas Police Chief David Brown detailed the moments leading up to the death of Micah Xavier Johnson—the 25-year-old Army veteran who fatally shot five Dallas police officers on Thursday night before police killed him with a robotic bomb—in an interview with CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday.

Brown justified his department’s decision to end two hours of negations with Johnson by killing him with an explosive, saying Johnson was “determined to hurt more officers” when he died.

During the standoff, Brown said that Johnson was taunting police, laughing, singing, and wrote a message with his own blood on the wall, the letters “RB,” the meaning of which remains unknown.

Brown affirmed that he made the right call in detonating a robotic bomb to kill Johnson, the first reported instance of such technology being used by American law enforcement, saying he’d, “do it again if presented with the same circumstances.”

Brown also revealed to CNN that Johnson had kept an extensive cache of weapons at his home:

Our search of the suspect’s home in Mesquite leads us to believe, based on evidence of bomb-making materials and a journal, that this suspect had been practicing explosive detonations and that the materials were such that it was large enough to have devastating effects throughout our city and our North Texas area.