Here we go again: that liberal jerkoff with his hands in all our pockets, Bill “Tallest Man on Earth” de Blasio, has decided to dedicate $33 million of his upcoming proposed budget to struggling and underfunded public schools. What about that golden promenade we were promised? And the envelopes full of cash?

De Blasio is expected to announce his executive budget for 2016 on Thursday, and the New York Daily News was given an exclusive look at how a large chunk of it will be spent on education. The mayor’s administration is set to use $33.6 million to fund “130 city schools” who “will see budget increases of up to 20% under a dramatic push to boost student outcomes.” From the NYDN:

“These new investments will make a real difference,” said de Blasio. “We have a plan for these schools’ success and we’re going to make sure they have the tools to turn around and raise student achievement.”

More than $20 million of the added money will go to 94 low-performing schools already targeted for renewal by city Department of Education officials.

The funding will go toward extra programming, including tutoring, additional Advanced Placement courses, and hiring more staff members at the struggling schools. After City Council negotiations, De Blasio’s spending plan must be agreed upon by June 30. In 2017, de Blasio plans to give $59.7 million to underfunded schools. Who does this guy think he is?

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