A woman suffered minor injuries after a deer fell from an overpass on a Chicago highway, crashing through her windshield and nearly causing her to wreck with her four kids in the car. No one was seriously injured in the crash, though the mother did sustain a minor shoulder wound.

Heidi Conner and her kids were driving back from an eight-hour road trip when an adult female deer fell from the overpass, hitting Conner's car while she was driving 70 mph. She was able to maneuver across three lanes of traffic with a deer hanging out of her windshield and safely wait for police.

"If it had been one inch to the left, it would have been dead center. I wouldn't have been able to control the car. And one inch to the right, it would have killed my son," she told CBS Chicago.

It's still unclear if the deer was scared by cars on the overpass or if it decided to take it's own life. "Never in my career have I seen anything like this," Illinois Police State Trooper Justin Novarro said.

[Image via Heidi Conner/CBS Chicago]