For weeks now, True Detective fans have feverishly shared their favorite conspiracy theories. Was the Yellow King this guy? Or was it Matthew McConaughey's Rust Cohle? Or was the killer someone more obvious, like Errol, the creepy lawnmower guy? Last night, those of us without HBO Go found out the answer. Let's discuss [SPOILERS AHEAD, OBVIOUSLY]:

As it turns out, the killer was Errol Childress, the creepy lawnmower man, who was eventually shot dead by a wounded Rust Cohle. So, no wild conspiracy theories came true. That said, I thought the finale was excellent. The scene in which McConaughey chased Errol through the woods and into Carcosa was absolutely terrifying. And even Rust Cohle and Marty Hart's ridiculous final chat about the stars and life after death worked, in the same way all of the show's ridiculous dialogue worked ("Time is a flat circle...," etc).

Some people were disappointed by the finale, of course. The editor of a certain news and gossip blog responded to my enthusiasm with, "Fuck you," which is harsh but perhaps fair. Deadspin's Drew Magary pointed out the show's dependence on cliches while others had more critical takes.

What did you think? Did you hate it? Love it? Were you disappointed that, after all the insane conspiracy theories, the killer turned out just to be a crazy guy with scars on his face? Was anything left unresolved for you, like the Tuttle's involvement or, you know, how this Satanic mass-murder ring started in the first place?

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