According to at least one subway commuter, the D/N/Q trains were delayed early Friday morning because a naked man refused to get off the tracks at the DeKalb Ave. stop in Brooklyn.

A spokesman from the NYPD's press office said he'd received no word about any “naked dudes” on the tracks, and a call to the MTA was not returned. But the timestamp of the initial report corresponds with a tweet from the New York City transit authority, warning commuters of a delay on the same train lines due to an investigation at Dekalb Ave.

So you tell us: Did you see any naked men delaying subway trains last night? Were they at the DeKalb Ave stop in Brooklyn?

UPDATE: It looks like the naked man truthers were right. From Judie Glave at the MTA's press office:

There was a report of a man who took his shirt off. Service was not affected.

[Image via Ian L]