This morning, we received a voice mail from Detective Carol Perry-Green of the Manatee County Sheriff's Office.

The office, she said, had seen our post about the nude beach blow job jet ski fight heard 'round the world, and was wondering whether we'd received any information from readers about the events that may have led to Pamela Doster's death. We hadn't.

(A quick recap: Doster was reportedly killed earlier this month after catching her husband performing oral sex on another man on a boat near Passage Key, a Florida nude beach. In the fight that ensued, Michael Doster allegedly threw his wife off of a jet ski several times, and she died in the hospital several days later.)

Detective Green later told me that the Sheriff's office doesn't have anything in the way of leads, and that Michael Doster is still being considered as a suspect. "We don't have anything to say, 'Yes he is [the killer],'" she said, but "we don't have anything to exclude him either."


So, readers: do you know anything? Did you see the jet ski toss go down? Were you on the receiving end of Michael Doster's blow job? How was it? Do you feel a little guilty about it now? Contact Gawker here and the Manatee County Sheriff's Office here.

[Image via Manatee County Sheriff]