Remember the summer of 1995 when Clueless hit theaters and you just knew you were gonna be "rolling with the homies" forever? That's the summer I fell in love with Dionne Davenport, played masterfully by Stacey Dash (fun fact: she is the cousin of Dame Dash, aka The Guy Formerly Known As Jay Z's BFF). But then the party came to an abrupt stop during the 2012 presidential election when Dash came out in support of Republican candidate Mitt Romney. Twitter damn-near skewered her, too (a lot of which had to do with Dash being a black woman in the public sphere, but as my Uncle Rodney once told me: Haters gonna hate, son).

It is now being reported that Dash is currently "in talks to sign a deal with Fox News to become a regular network contributor." She became the darling of conservative media after backing Romney, so the announcement doesn't come as a total shock (not too mention she has previously appeared on Fox & Friends and Red Eye w/ Greg Gutfeld, among other Fox News shows).

One could speculate that Clueless was the height of Dash's acting career, and that, aside from her lead role in season one of Single Ladies on VH1, she's had trouble navigating Hollywood ever since (her performance in Kanye West's "All Falls Down" video in 2004 remains special).

I'm just going to pretend like none of this is real and focus on the good times we had. We'll always have 1995, Stace.

[Image via Fox News]