Katie Rees, the former Miss Nevada 2007 who had her crown (and her shot at the Miss USA title) taken away in a naughty photo scandal, is having an eventful 2015. After being arrested in July for allegedly selling meth in Las Vegas, she was picked up again Tuesday on drug charges including meth possession.

Rees, 31, was in the car with her boyfriend of 10 months, Kevin “DJ Kulprit” Sims, when Vegas police stopped them for speeding and failing to signal, the Las Vegas Sun reports.

According to the arrest report, the cops smelled marijuana and asked DJ Kulprit if he had any weed or weapons in the car. He hesitated to answer, and he and Katie both ended up in cuffs.

Kulprit, who had three outstanding traffic warrants (that’s why they call him Kulprit, I guess?) was carrying a jar of liquid GHB, as well as coke and meth, according to police. Rees allegedly had weed, pipes, and rolling papers in her purse, along with Xanax, Oxy, and yes, more meth in her purse.

Sims chivalrously told the cops all the drugs were his, not Katie’s, but police say she admitted to smoking meth earlier that day.

When DJ Kulprit was searched at Clark County Detention Center, officers found another baggie of meth in his sock. He’s charged with multiple counts of trafficking and drug possession.

Rees, who was out on $10,000 bond after her previous charges, faces five new counts, notably felony meth possession. Her new bond has been set at $9,000.

[Photos: Las Vegas Metro Police]