Vocativ has published a lengthy profile of Marcus Ewert, who bedded not one Beat, but two: Allen Ginsberg and William Burroughs. This all started in 1988 — Ewert was 17, Ginsberg (who'd later come out as a member of NAMBLA) was 62, and Burroughs was 74. Ginsberg had his way with Ewert and then passed him onto his friend Burroughs, whom Ginsberg decided could use a good lay.

If that all sounds like a great time, get a load of Ginsberg's blowjob technique, as revealed in this quote by Ewert:

Basically he blew me; that was a big part of it. And he was really good at it. He did this thing where he had his hand and his mouth working at the same time, and he'd take time out to explain to me what he was doing. He was like, 'See, you do this with your hand so that way your partner's penis is always being touched, and when your mouth is off it, your hand is there and it keeps it warm and it keeps the sensation constant, and that shows real consideration to your partner.' It's very Allen that he's always peppering anything he's saying with little tutorials. But I was totally down for that—it was what I'd signed up for. I wanted the tutorial, I wanted to understand how the fucking world worked. I wanted somebody to help me and mentor me.

(The technique works, by the way.)


As for sex with Burroughs, Ewert says, "I think it was just hand jobs and humping."

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