Luxury fashion designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, two men who have almost certainly personally adjusted the breasts of many of your favorite celebrities, were each issued a jail sentence of one year and eight months on Wednesday in Italy, for tax evasion.

The designers were found guilty of hiding $1.3 billion in income from Italian tax collectors...stuffed inside an opulent corset! Just kidding. In an alleged Luxembourg-based shell company called "Gado" (after their last names).

Lawyers for the men (neither of whom were in court; Gabbana has been tweeting pictures of plants all day) have already announced plans to appeal the verdict.

NBC News reports that, as long as the men commit no other crimes for five years, they will avoid jailtime. The Wall Street Journal adds that the men have the right to appeal the verdict twice, meaning it could be many years before they must accept the court's final decision. Moreover, in Italy, sentences of under three years are served either with house arrest or community service.

According to Reuters, the investigation into the designers' tax practices began in 2008, when they were wearing clothes that would be considered highly unfashionable now, due to the rapid progression of seasons.

Both Dolce and Gabbana maintain their innocence.

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