Donald Trump, a man known for accusing Megyn Kelly of having her period, cherishes women—oh yes. But did you know he cherishes men, too?

Trump made this important correction in a “Men of the Year” interview with GQ today.

During the interview, Trump at first shied away from addressing his recent pronouncement—with the women of The View as his witness—that he cherishes women and wants to protect them.

GQ: As you know, people ask a lot of questions about your attitude toward women. When you were asked on The View what your message was to women and you said you wanted to cherish them, protect them, take care of them—

Trump: And respect them, yes. I do respect them, I have great respect for women. In fact, one of the reasons The Apprentice was such a successful show for so many years, the audience of women was fantastic.

“Ladies like my TV shows” unfortunately did not satisfy GQ, so Trump then had to defend his use of the word “cherish.”

GQ: What do you say to the women who respond: I’m not that bothered about being “cherished” or “protected” or “taken care of,” I just want to be treated equally?

Trump: I think you’re being politically correct when you ask me a question like that. They do want to be taken care of and they do want to be cherished and they do want to be respected, and I think when you ask a question like that you’re just trying to be politically correct, that’s all. But that’s okay.

GQ: You’d never say you were going to “cherish” men, would you?

Trump: I would. I would. I would cherish men. I cherish all people in their lives. I think it’s very important. No, I would cherish men, I would cherish women—I want to take care of everybody.

There you have it: Every American voter has the opportunity to be infantilized by leading Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

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