Like a man making his final booty call to an ex-lover he previously spurned, Donald Trump went on the radio yesterday to own Jeb Bush one last time, two months after the nice man from Florida exited the race.

Bush, who previously committed himself to supporting whomever ended up becoming the Republican nominee—a pledge he signed on some kind of notecard, NOT the back of a napkin, as some shady characters have claimed—recently said that he would not be voting for president this year, much less endorsing someone. In response, Trump said on the Mike Gallagher Show that Jeb is “not a man of honor.” From BuzzFeed News:

“You know, Jeb Bush spent $12 million in negative ads, on me and then after he spent it I started hitting him very hard,” Trump said. “And then they said Trump was mean, but I wasn’t mean.”

Trump said Bush’s ads about him weren’t even true.

“I had a right to do what I did,” said Trump. “And it was tough and he left, and then he said he’s not gonna endorse me? I said, ‘well, then you violated your pledge.’ And I think he said, well he doesn’t care. Well, that’s not a man of honor, when you violate your pledge.”

Trump has continued his verbal attacks on competitors since Jeb’s departure, but few of them have the same sense of butterfly-stomach romance and boundless possibilities as those he launched against the man who seems to have been his favorite enemy. The thrill may be gone, but they can never take away our memories of the good old days.