Photo: Associated Press

New allegations against Donald Trump’s hands-on campaign manager Corey Lewandowski paint the portrait of an aggressive man regularly physical with people in his way and sexual toward women he works with—with little or no repercussions.

Lewandowski, who has served as Trump’s campaign manager since early 2015, was not well-liked by his co-workers, who, according to Politico, were trying to force him out over the last few months. They apparently abandoned the plan after Lewandowski—who reportedly spends most of his time by Trump’s side—was not reprimanded for allegedly assaulting a Breitbart reporter earlier this month. And Lewandowski was accused of grabbing a protestor at a rally this weekend; Trump later commended him for his spirit.

(Former friends and coworkers also anonymously tell Politico Lewandowski called a female coworker a “cunt” at a board meeting in 2013, acted roughly with other reporters, and made sexually suggestive remarks to female reporters.)

BuzzFeed, in a new article published today, quotes sources who claim Lewandowski also pushed CNN reporter Noah Gray during a press conference earlier this month.

It was not the first time the campaign manager had gotten in Gray’s face to prevent him from reporting. In November, when the reporter attempted to film protesters who were disrupting a Trump rally, Lewandowski threatened to pull his credentials unless he went back inside the pen the campaign uses to corral journalists. He was also heard instructing the press secretary that if Gray didn’t obey him he would be “fucking blacklisted.” The CNN reporter’s tweets about the incident riled Lewandowski and briefly inflamed tensions between the campaign and the traveling press corps, reporters told BuzzFeed News.

In another instance Lewandowski was reportedly “seen throwing back multiple drinks and loudly threatening someone on the phone” last year in New York.

Perhaps the most troubling allegations of all are the ones leveled by the anonymous sources who tell BuzzFeed that female reporters are often “better off not answering” when Lewandowski called late at night.

In conversations with reporters, he has expressed frustration with female journalists covering the campaign while also voicing a wish to have sex with them. And sources told BuzzFeed News that more than once, he has called female reporters late at night to come on to them, often not sounding entirely sober.

It makes sense why these women aren’t coming forward—why risk burning a source whose boss actually commends him for the things they’re complaining about? To that end, if you’ve been sexually harassed by Corey Lewandowski, we want to know.