Blessed be, tomorrow is the holy day that comes before Ash Wednesday, the day whereth flour and eggs mix to make circular spheres on which maple juice is poured and patties of butter melt. Yes, it is Shrove Tuesday, best known as Pancake Day.

Shrove Tuesday derives from the word "shrive," which means to confess one's sins. If confessing one's sins means eating four-and-a-ha' stack of pancakes at the parlor down the road, then absolution isn't far off for you or I.

Every year since 2006, The International House of Pancakes has given up free stacks of pancakes to willing repenters, with a suggested donation to Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. The only catch is that you have to say sorry between the hours of seven and ten a.m. How sorry are you? Sorry enough for seven a.m. free flapjacks?

If you don't make it in time for the freebies, you could always schedule a Pancake Race:

Pancake races are also held where people must successfully toss and flip their pancakes into the air before crossing the finish line. Points are awarded for time, for number and height of flips, and number of times the pancake turns over.

It is believed that the tradition of pancake races was born out of women rushing to church to confess their sins before the noon cut off time, clutching their half finished pancakes.

Divine blessings in the form of half-finished pancakes.

[Image via AP]