A dull night out at a local discotheque in Bordeaux, France, turned into an unforgettable Hangover-esque misadventure for five drunk friends who stole a circus llama and proceeded to take it on an epic streetcar joyride.

After leaving the club in the early morning hours of last Thursday, the five merry men, loaded on libations, came across the temporary residence of a Franco-Italian circus and decided to borrow one of the animals: A llama named Serge.

From there the fellows walked to the nearby Bassins à Flot tram station, and boarded it with their new llama pal in tow.

Noticing that one of his riders was unable to pay his fare — because he's a llama — the driver phoned the tram's operator to alert them of the situation.

Officials from Keolis were waiting at the next stop to seize the lads and the llama, but, in the commotion that ensued, the five managed to escape.

They made it all the way to "Comedy Plaza" — I shit you not — before the police finally caught up with them.

Amazingly, the circus owner has decided to drop all charges after Serge was returned to him safe and sound.

"[We’ve had] quite a few more people coming to see the circus show over the last few days, due to the incident," Jean Beatour told TF1. "I have nothing against these lads."

[H/T: Arbroath, photos via Twitter]