Robert Hunter recommended playing your hand, but one drunk man in Westchester took it a little too far on his drive home from the Grateful Dead lyricist's concert earlier this month.

Jon Vermilyea, 42, apparently rear ended a car on his way home from the show, so he crawled in the back of his red pick-up truck and attempted to hide from police by getting into a sleeping bag.

Unsurprisingly, he blew above a .18 BAC and admitted he was unlicensed.

When the cops asked him for ID, he gave them a ticket stub from Robert Hunter's show.

Hunter, who penned many of the Dead's notable songs — including Uncle John's Band, Friend of the Devil, Sugar Magnolia, Truckin', and Casey Jones, is on a rare tour; it's been about a decade since he's performed his own songs live.

Vermilyea was arrested and thrown into the jailhouse, until the sun went down.

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