A drunken passenger attempted to break into the cockpit of a Virgin Australia flight from Australia to Indonesia on Friday, causing the pilot to issue a hijack alert.

"There was a drunk passenger, intoxicated and aggressively behaved," Heru Sudjatmiko,the airport manager for Virgin Australia, told the BBC. "He was trying to enter the cockpit, banging the door but he did not enter the cockpit."

Eventually, the flight crew detained and handcuffed the passenger—identified as Matt Christopher, a 28-year-old from Australia—but not before the pilot issued a distress signal about a possible hijacking.

By the time the flight landed in Bali, authorities had shutdown the airport for two hours and Indonesian troops were waiting to board the flight.

"There was no hijacking at all," Sudjatmiko said. "It was only a miscommunication."

Christopher—pictured below—was arrested on charges of creating a disturbance. The flight's 139 passengers and six crew members were unharmed.

[Images via AP]