Illinois resident Erin James was caught speeding early Friday morning after she spent a night out celebrating getting her driver's licence back after a DUI arrest. She was drunk this time, too.

The 58-year-old told Riverside police officers that she had been out celebrating her restored license. She then blew a .155 alcohol content, nearly double the legal limit of .08.

“Ms. James purposely drove a car that she did not own to avoid the ignition lock device and was driving back from a Forest Park bar where she was celebrating that fact that she would finally have her driving privileges back after her 2012 conviction for DUI,” Riverside Police Chief Tom Weitzel said in a statement. “Ms. James is exactly the type of motorist I want kept off the road permanently under a new proposed habitual DUI law that I will be proposing in the very near future.”

So for all you drivers getting sloppy on mint juleps right now, wait a few hours after the horse race, watch a basketball game, and eat a sandwich. Drive sober, folks!