Update: This is wrong. It appears Glynn's tweet was based on misinformation. He's deleted it, and Russian tech blog Tjournal says it was based on a spoof twitter account of Snowden's lawyer. So, we still don't know where Snowden got a job!

When NSA whistleblower Ed Snowden's lawyer revealed yesterday that he'd gotten a job at a "major," but unnamed, Russian website, speculation turned to VKontakte, Russia's most popular social network. VKontake's absurd, paper-plane-made-of-cash-throwing founder Pavel Durov offered Snowden a job this summer. According to NPR journalist James Glynn, Snowden's lawyer has just confirmed he's accepted Durov's offer and is working for VKontakte. Helping Snowden is a rare point of agreement between Durov and the Kremlin, who are constantly at loggerheads over VKontakte, as Russia cracks down on the internet.


One interesting fact: Durov's newest start-up, the secure messaging app Telegram, is based in Buffalo, New York. Wonder if they'll start seeing any unidentified construction crews around the building soon...