Egyptian authorities have asked YouTube to remove a video of a 19-year-old student being sexually assaulted by at least seven men and dragged through Tahrir Square during the weekend's inaugural celebrations. A spokesman for President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi confirmed to Reuters that the victim herself wants the video to be taken down.

Mass sexual assaults and incidents of sexual harassment (like in the photo above) continue to be reported in Cairo following Sisi's Sunday inauguration. Egyptian authorities have so far arrested seven men (likely the ones in the video) for "harassing several girls." Sexual harassment only recently became a crime in the country, punishable by up to 5 years in the prison.

Sisi has called for a return to the "real and moral" values of Cairo's streets, and he visited the victim who appears in the video in the hospital this week.

The video itself is extremely disturbing. The New York Times described it earlier this week:

A police officer with a gun in his hand [struggled] against a crowd of men to extricate the victim. A black shirt covered just her shoulders, her backside purple and black with bruises as the frenzied assailants tore it off. Moments later, stripped completely, her limp and reddened body was carried into a waiting vehicle.

YouTube has not yet responded to the request.

[Image via AP]