On Wednesday morning, an emu escaped from the home of a Tempe, Arizona resident. The emu's owner called zoo authorities and police, who may have killed the bird – named Ichabod – as they chased it.

“He was elusive,” Phoenix zoo employee Rich Sartor told ABC 15. “It took us a while, but we pressed him against a fence and jumped on him."

Unfortunately, the combination of the summer weather and the confrontation led to the 35-year-old bird's demise. “That was a very aged emu” Sartor said. “So that's a senior out there being chased and jumped on in the high heat. The conditions were very unfavorable.”

Ichabod's owner wasn't sure how he escaped. There is some solace for the owner, though; he owns another emu, a female named Matilda, who was uninjured during today's incident.

[Image via ABC 15]

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