There’s almost no freedom-fueled cause that furious truther and conspiracy kingpin Alex Jones won’t cosign, but apparently, even Alex Jones himself can’t get behind the crazed militiamen currently throwing a fit on an Oregon nature trail.

Let’s be clear: The Bundys and others have very legitimate issues with the federal power grab over land outside of law, and people doing controlled burns and being called arsonists, and people being charged. The federal government is power-grabbing everywhere, it’s true... But all that’s coming out, and the establishment is in political trouble right now. So they want to overturn the chess board right now. We need Americans to realize we’re all being played off against each other...

...The timing of this now allows the whole debate to not be about the gun-grab, to not be about all the gun control, to not be about the victim disarmament, but to be about citizens with guns taking over buildings.

Jones goes on to say that while the Bundys did have grazing rights in Nevada the last time they pulled this shit, in this case, the Hammonds (the family actually in the center of this mess) don’t even support what the Bundy family is doing.

Of course, Jones does also say that the whole thing is a race-baiting false flag cooked up by the Obama administration, but in Alex Jones speak, that’s about as close as you can get to calling someone ostensibly on your side (the side of Freedom with a capital “F”) an idiot without actually coming out and saying it.

Either way, when Alex Jones himself is telling you that perhaps you’re taking things a little too far—maybe it’s time to reassess your decision to hold nature hostage.

[h/t Right Wing Watch]

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