Having solved the problem of marriage equality for same-sex couples with his Grammy-nominated song "Same Love," great humanitarian Macklemore now turns his attention to another crucial social issue: Guys who pee on toilet seats.

[There was a video here]

Is Macklemore just a parody of himself? It seemed possible after he made a public show of his text message apology to Kendrick Lamar. But with the Seattle rapper's new Instagram track, it's almost certain.

Look, dudes' toilet etiquette is a mess and could certainly be improved by the intervention of a role model. It's not theoretically impossible to write a funny song about this. But Macklemore can't even joke about piss without appropriating a big chunk of culture: Come for the affected "reggae" vocals, stay for the "Shabba!" at the end.

Or don't. Instead, listen to Macklemore's very close personal friend "Kendrick REAL," who definitely gave Macklemore his phone number because they speak regularly.

[H/T: Daily Dot, Photo Credit: Getty Images]