Kim Davis arguably has a lot of contempt: for gay people, for the legal system, for the Second Amendment (that’s a long sleeves joke) but she doesn’t want it on her record.

According to the Star Tribune, the Davis’s lawyers filed a 126-page appeal Monday, claiming the district court “rushed to judgment” in jailing her for contempt of court after she refused a lawful order to do her damn job.

Or as her lawyer terms it, “threatening to hold her hostage indefinitely as a prisoner of her conscience.”

“By imprisoning Davis and threatening to hold her hostage indefinitely as a prisoner of her conscience, the district court imposed direct pressure and substantial burden on Davis, forcing her to choose between her religious beliefs and forfeiting her essential personal freedom on one hand, or abandoning those beliefs to keep her freedom on the other hand,” [her lawyer] wrote.

Specifically, Davis would like four rulings made by U.S. District Court Judge David Bunning overturned by the appeals court, including the original injunction requiring her to issue the licenses.

Davis, who has filed many appeals since gay marriage was legalized this summer, has not yet won one.

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