Edward is a single, eligible guy, just looking for love on Tinder. He's handy with technology, enjoys traveling to exotic locales—he's in Moscow right now, actually—and he's got a great positive attitude. Is it any surprise that ladies on the dating site love him (whether they know who he is or not)?

"Lonely Ed" is actually writer/director Ross Cohen, who writes, "I set up a Tinder account for Edward Snowden, these are my favorite interactions with the matches so far."

Some of his matches recognized the joke and moved straight to trying to blow the former NSA contractor's, uh, whistle.

Others are obviously embedded operators playing coy to gain access to Snowden's secrets. (Or they just don't keep up with current events.)

But no matter what, "Edward" continues to take advanced security precautions to avoid giving away precious intel.

Although the Snowden account is funny, it could also have serious consequences for Tinder. If Lonely Ed leaks the secret "swipe right on everyone" technique to the press, the entire dating pool could be compromised.

[H/T Reddit]