A Michigan family called 911 from their minivan early Wednesday morning to report that the vehicle's front end was stuck underneath a semi-trailer traveling down snowy I-75. A mom, dad, and their two adult children were trapped inside with no power and no heat, and the driver of the truck apparently didn't realize they were back there.

"Our windshield is completely shattered. I can't see nothing," Pamela Menz told the dispatcher, "We ran into the back of a semi truck and he's not stopping and we're embedded underneath of it."

Menz and her husband, Matthew, stayed on the line for 23 minutes before police finally located and pulled over the truck at a rest stop 16 miles and one county away from the site of the crash. It took so long because the snow covering the van made it hard for the family to determine where they were. Dispatchers eventually tracked them down using GPS.

The snow is what caused the accident in the first place, Matthew Menz told dispatchers. Because of poor visibility, he was unable to brake in time to avoid the slow-moving truck, and ended up wedged under it, instead.

It may have also kept the truck driver from seeing or hearing the insanity transpiring behind his trailer. When police finally stopped him, Mlive reports, he had no idea what was going on.

[h/t MSN, Photo via Mlive]