It’s no fun being locked in federal prison, but now prisoners can take heart in the fact that they will be served pork, even though they said they do not want to be served pork.

Pork pork pork. “The other white meat,” in the same way that urine is “The other Gatorade.” For some reason, when the Bureau of Prisons did a survey of federal prisoners, the prisoners told them they did not want to eat pork—in fact they liked pork less than any other food—so the bureau obliged by removing pork from prison menus earlier this month, which set off a firestorm of political controversy among the elected officials who are in the pocket of Big Pork, particularly Judiciary Committee chairman Chuck Grassley, who sent the Bureau of Prisons a harshly worded letter about their vicious blow against “the livelihoods of American citizens who work in the pork industry,” and now the Bureau of Prisons has, just like that, put pork roast back on the menu in federal prisons. Prisoners will once again be served nasty food they hate in order to placate bureaucrats terrified of recrimination from corrupt Congressmen in the pocket of powerful industrialists.

The system works.

[Photo: Flickr]