Fox News' resident pomade expert, Sean Hannity, had some important thoughts to share about the poor put-upon constabulary of St. Louis County, Missouri, last night. You could tell they were important because he found a local woman of color in a position of authority at whom to shout them.

The "interview" clip is... something. Watch it on mute for the optimum experience:

Via HuffPo:

Sometimes, a picture says it all. The cliche is proven true in this still from the conversation—if one could call it that—between Sean Hannity and Patricia Bynes, a Democratic politician in Ferguson.

Sample dialogue:

Hannity: "Let me educate you about the legal system in America."

Bynes: "I don't need your kind of education."

Hannity's point was something something you weren't there when the police shot this guy so how do you know it's about police brutality? You don't, lady, let me tell you. You weren't there, I mean obviously you were there in Ferguson, but I have a thing or two to learn you on from here in New York. We have a thing called the law and I can explain it to you slower if you need me to. Quod erat demonstratum, committeewoman. That's Latin, like the law. Or as some might call it, "lex."