A rivalry between two kindergartens in China took a lethal turn after the principal of one kindergarten allegedly killed two girls who attend the other kindergarten by lacing their yogurt with rat poison.

The female principal reportedly confessed to the crime, which took place last week in the northern Chinese village of Lianghe.

According to local media, the woman is accused of hiring a man to inject a bottle of yogurt with rat poison, and then place the bottle among two notebooks meant for preschoolers from a competing kindergarten.

The grandmother of two girls, aged 5 and 6, who attend the kindergarten brought the notebooks and the yogurt home with her and later let her grandchildren share the drink.

They subsequently suffered convulsions and were rushed to a nearby hospital.

One of the girls died on the way; the other held on for a few more days before perishing.

An initial investigation into the incident found that the two kindergartens were competing for students, and the principal was apparently trying to frame her counterpart and damage the rival kindergarten's reputation.

[screengrab via CCTV]