The affluent town of Scarsdale just saw its first murder in almost 40 years, and it’s lurid as hell: Police say a wealthy financier killed his pediatrician wife inside their multimillion dollar home not long after filing for divorce.

Jules Reich, a 61-year-old tax specialist described as a “financial guru” by the New York Daily News, was arrested and charged with second-degree murder Thursday. Police reportedly discovered the body of Reich’s 58-year-old wife, Dr. Robin Goldman, after responding to a call about a “seriously injured woman” Wednesday evening.

Prosecutors have not officially released a cause of death, though CBS reports Goldman was “stabbed to death” and the Daily News describes a bloody scene inside the $2.8 million home the couple shared. In his mugshot, Reich appears to have a black eye and several bruises on his face.

Either way, it’s clear their marriage had been troubled for some time—Reich reportedly filed for divorce in August after celebrating the wedding of their daughter. A court date with a mediator was set for next week.

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