Some people work for the man, others make the man work for them. Diane Stretton is/was a live-in nanny hired by the Bracamonte family of Upland, Calif. A few months ago she stopped working and, after being fired, refused to leave the family's home. She has also imposed Nanny's Law—invented by Diane Stretton—on the household.

Stretton was hired in March to help Marcella Bracamonte care for three children ages 11, 4, and 1. In exchange for her work, Stretton was provided room and board. But then the monster became sentient.

"The first few weeks she was awesome," Bracamonte said. "She would come places with us, help out the kids. She was really great."

Then things changed.

"All of a sudden she stopped working, she would stay in her room all day and only come out when food was ready," said Bracamonte.

The Bracamontes say that Stretton told them she would be leaving the house 30 days from June 6, but when they went to get that in writing, Stretton told them that such a contract would not be "legal."

So the Bracamontes called the police who did that police thing where they're like, "I dunno, lady":

Bracamonte called the police, but the cops declined to do anything, saying it was a civil matter. Lt. John Moore of the Upland Police Department confirmed to ABC News that there is no immediate action that can be taken against Stretton, saying "generally, once somebody has established residency, you have to go through a formal eviction process."

This, it appears, has allowed Stretton to call checkmate:

Stretton is still living in the family's home, eating the family's food and Bracamonte said Stretton told her she wanted the family out of the house from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

I think we call agree that Stretton—who is threatening to sue the family, which isn't surprising seeing as she's been cited by the state of California for abusing the legal system—is being an asshole. And yet this is kind of hilarious.

Says Bracamonte:

"I'm not going to bend for her," said Bracamonte. "I'm in charge, this is my house. She's not going to scare me out of my own house."

Or will she?

[image via ABC]