Helena Costa, the first female to take a position as the coach of a men's professional soccer team in Europe, abruptly resigned from her job Tuesday only hours into the job. Costa had taken on the historic role as coach of Clermont Foot 63, based in the Auvergne region of France.

The statement from her club was to the point, expressing that Costa had decided "not to honor her engagement" to the club. According to the Guardian, it is rumored that the decision to hire the Portuguese-born Costa was a publicity stunt by the club's owners.

Via the Guardian:

It was reported that she had not seen any of the players and had not taken part in any of the players' physical testing sessions before she left.

Instead Costa's apparent walkout left everyone wondering what had gone wrong. Claude Michy, the club's owner, said the decision was "sudden and surprising" and he "deeply regretted" it.

Costa will speak at a press conference this afternoon regarding her departure.

[Image via The Guardian]