Remember the Great Pacific Ocean Race, where insane people race from Monterey, Ca. to Honolulu, Hawaii in rowboats? It's happening. The Coast Guard has had to rescue five rowers so far. Just five! Only five people have had to be plucked from the middle of the ocean because they decided to row 2,400 miles.

The first, Jim Bauer, had to be saved because his boat kept capsizing. He is fine, the Associated Press reports:

A solo rower was hoisted from his boat to a helicopter at about 2 a.m. PDT after capsizing several times in rough seas about 50 miles west of Morro Bay, California, the Coast Guard said.

Organizers identified the rower as Jim Bauer, who the federal agency said was in stable condition. Bauer called the Coast Guard with a satellite phone, and his boat was equipped with a satellite tracking beacon.

The other four rescued so far were in a group. They are also fine.

The Coast Guard also conducted a rescue on Saturday morning. A crew of four rowers reported their boat was taking on water about 75 miles west of San Luis Obispo, California. Conditions were too rough for a sailboat serving as the race organizers' rescue vessel to pick up the rowers.

The Coast Guard responded, and a rescue swimmer was lowered from a helicopter to the rowboat. Three rowers were hoisted into the helicopter before it returned to land to refuel. The aircraft then returned to pick up the remaining rower and rescue swimmer who had stayed with the boat.

According to race officials, seven of the 13 entrants remain, including one brave solo-rower. Who will have to be rescued next? You can track each boat's progress here.

[Image via Monterey Herald]