Malaysian police announced on Tuesday that one of the two men traveling on missing Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 with a stolen passport was a 19-year-old Iranian trying to migrate to Germany, where his mother lives. The second man using a fake passport was later identified as Delavar Seyed Mohammad Reza, a 29-year-old Iranian.

When the 19-year-old, Pouria Nourmohammadi Mehrdad, failed to arrive in Frankfurt, his mother reportedly called Malaysian authorities to help identify him.

"We are in contact with his mother," Khalid Abu Bakar, the inspector general of the Malaysian police, said at a news conference on Tuesday, adding that Mehrdad was "not likely to be a member of a terrorist group."

Later on Tuesday, Interpol Secretary General Ronald Noble identified the other person using a stolen passport as Delavar Seyed Mohammadreza, who was ticketed to fly to Copenhagen from Beijing.

"The more info we get about missing jet, the more we're inclined to conclude it's not terrorism," Noble said, according to CNN.

Noble said both men flew to Kuala Lumpur using their Iranian passports before using the stolen Austrian and Italian passports to board the Malaysian Airlines flight to Beijing.