Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi apologized yesterday for delaying a man's execution because it conflicted with a reelection fundraiser she'd planned.

Bondi requested that Marshall Lee Gore's execution be moved from September 10 to October 1, a request Florida Governor Rick Scott approved. In a press conference yesterday Bondi would neither confirm nor deny that her fundraiser was behind the rescheduling, but she expressed regret for the change, saying, "I should not have requested the execution be moved." She continued:

"And just so you know, (Gore) has filed another motion this past Friday, asking that it be (delayed) once again," Bondi said. "And we are fighting that.”

"But I should not have moved it," she continued. "I'm sorry. And it will not happen again."

Hey, when you preside over a state that's already killed four prisoners this year alone, sometimes you've got to move things around in order to be reelected and continue killing prisoners. Nobody's perfect.

[Image via AP]