A Florida couple received a strange package on their doorstep at their rental home in Louisiana this summer. It was just a regular shipment of 11 pounds of marijuana, but they didn't know that yet.

The unidentified couple returned the package unopened to UPS, only to find the package back on the doorstep of their rental home once more. A woman who was cleaning the house took the package inside, and the package was quickly forgotten about. Until it was time to go back to Florida.

They finally opened the package to find two full suitcases, and thinking it was some lost luggage finally returned to the them, they threw it in their car and went on back to Florida. With 11 pounds of weed.

Finally, this incredibly suspicious couple actually opened the dang suitcases and found that each one contained a huge amount of the dank stuff. They then turned it over to the police.

How little sense does this story make? Who doesn't look in their just-returned bags, in case of, y'know, weed? And especially with drugs just popping up all over the place these days, it's always best to check your belongings for any huge unknown stashes of narcotics.