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Daniel Allen Noble of Flagler County had the "Uzi-style" assault weapon. He had the ammo. He had the bandanna and blades and the look of a badass. He had some patrons of the Europa Lounge in his sights. And then he had his ass handed to him by some burly Slavic bar-goers.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, Noble, 37, apparently didn't enjoy his nice evening out at the Palm Coast drinkery, leaving at some point... and then returning all decked out in Rambo gear, lugging "what the Sheriff's Office described as an 'Uzi-style assault rifle' and a pair of hunting knives":

Shortly after 11 p.m., Noble challenged several patrons inside the lounge, which is located in the European Village resort, according to the Sheriff's Office. Two patrons stopped Noble and grabbed the barrel of the gun, and one or two shots were fired into the floor.

The men got the gun away from Noble, but he lashed out with one of the knives, the Sheriff's Office said. The men wrestled Noble to the ground and knocked him unconscious, but not before of them suffered knife wounds.

You can see the two men, Vassili Mironov and Roman Dubinsechi, in the video above—and they look and sound as badass as their names suggest. "The next thing I know I'm jumping on his gun," Mironov says, as coolly as he might describe the folding of laundry. "He gets off one shot, takes out one knife, stabs me in my face. There was a lot of blood."

Yeah, but check out the other guy below. You know, the one with the guns and knives. And then stay tuned for an overweight Sly Stallone in RAMBO V: Sometimes the Russians Win.