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A woman who teaches at a South Florida public charter school has been arrested for forcing one of her 10-year-old students to clean out a dirty urinal with his bare hands.

Via the South Florida Sun-Sentinel:

Jennifer King Forshey, 58, of Hollywood, is accused of ordering a 10-year-old to remove wet wads of paper towels from a urinal in a boys' restroom at Broward Community Charter School on Feb. 6, according to the arrest report.

Forshey was arrested Wednesday and charged with battery on a child by exposure to urine, records show.

She was released early Thursday after posting $1,000 bond, according to jail records.

The boy told investigators the paper towels were soaked with someone else's urine so he tried to use dry paper towels to pick them up, yet the urine seeped through. His hands smelled of urine; there was no soap in the restroom, so he went to the dean's office to ask for some, the report stated.

"It's very embarrassing," the child—who is African-American—told a Miami-based reporter in the video above.

Since the pro-deregulation administrations of Republican governors Jeb Bush and Charlie Crist, Florida has seen an explosion of publicly funded charter schools with less accountability over their educational standards or teaching staff. In 2013, Forshey's school received a grade of C from the state based on its students' test scores—part of a steady tumble from its status as an A school four years ago.

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