After being called to a house on a report of a disturbance last Saturday, a Florida woman kissed a police officer on his nose (against his will).

Peggy Hill, 62, not a cartoon character, encountered the deputies when they came to her house after a fence dispute with a neighbor (Hill already had a case against her for allegedly stealing livestock from the same neighbor). The deputies spoke to the neighbor and then went to interview Hill. That's when things got all Florida.

Hill went over to one of the deputies and kissed him on the nose. The deputy wiped her saliva off and arrested her.

Hill was arrested for battery of a police officer, and admitted that she'd had a few glasses of wine before the officers came to her property. Hill said in the police report that the idea to kiss the officer's nose just popped into her head, so she went for it.

She will be spending 4th holiday in jail, contemplating her misplaced kisses.

[Manatee County Sheriff's office]