Sometimes you go for a jog and nothing happens except for maybe a cramp, and sometimes you go for a jog and a deer falls from mid-air and crushes you. So it went for an unnamed 27-year-old Virginia woman who was jogging when she was hit by a deer that had been sent airborne by a 71-year-old woman driving on a highway.

Both women were taken to the hospital and released on Friday. The deer, according to a man who stumbled on the accident scene, was eaten by vultures — and by "vultures" he means actual vultures, like, the bird, and not, you know, Washington lobbyists (because of how Virginia and Washington D.C. are very close to each other).

"That's pretty amazing," said another man who was doing his daily workout before finding himself a bystander to a deer falling out of the sky and landing on some poor unsuspecting woman who was just trying to jog. "I don't know what the statistics are for that but it's pretty low."


[image via Shutterstock]