Yesterday evening, a propane tank inside a food truck in Philadelphia's Feltonville neighborhood exploded, engulfing the vehicle in flames and critically injuring the mother and daughter who were working the truck.

Surveillance footage captured the blast at La Parrillada Chapina, which sent flames 200 feet into the air and injured 12. Two bystanders, a 23-year-old woman and 13-year-old girl, were critically injured but later upgraded to stable condition, according to NBC. They and the operators remain hospitalized.

A witness described the harrowing scene:

"I heard a loud boom like a bomb," Glover said. "The propane splashed all the way across the street on a pole. That's why the pole was on fire and people that were walking by got burned. A lady got burned on her back. Another lady got burned on her face. It was just the sounds of the screams. There was a good two minutes of screams before the cops even came."

The tank that exploded was found 150 feet away in a residential yard, the AP reports. The police and fire departments are investigating whether foul play was involved.