TMZ has obtained paparazzi footage it claims shows Sylvester Stallone calling an off-screen individual a "fucking nigger" as he's followed by a photographer out of an Italian restaurant in Beverly Hills.

The alleged racial slur, which comes at the start of the clip, was transcribed by TMZ as "this fucking nigger here, this fucker."

The paparazzo later asks Stallone, "Why the racial slurs?"

TMZ notes that African-American photographers were stationed near Caffe Roma yesterday to capture photos of Stallone, though it remains unclear who was the exact target of his displeasure.

A rep for the actor reached out to the gossip site to deny his client's use of the N-word, though he did acknowledge that Stallone called someone a "fucking asshole."

According to the rep, the pap who made the racial slur claim was attempting to increase the value of her footage by stirring shit up.

[screengrab via TMZ]