Maybe The Best Arnold Schwarzenegger Impersonation Of All Time

Close your eyes and it's terrifying.

Original post by Neetzan Zimmerman on Gawker

For Once, An Actually Impressive Arnold Schwarzenegger Impression

Arnold Schwarzenegger impressions are like assholes: Everybody has one and they all sound like crap.

And then there's David Andrew Brent.

The Canadian comedian was performing at the 4th Annual Brantford Comedy Festival when a friend asked him to pull out his Schwarzenegger.

Confused for a second, Brent eventually obliged, and the result was one of the most authentic Arnie impressions this side of the man himself.

No cheap fillers or "get to da chopper" — just pure Governator greatness.

For the record, this is what Brent actually sounds like. And yes, that is really his name.

[H/T: Reddit]

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