If you've ever idly wondered how it is that America has so many "for profit colleges" raking in so much money while offering the shittiest of educations to the most vulnerable students, here is a simple explanation.

Because they bribe the government, just like any good business. The entire for-profit college business model depends largely on raking in government education dollars in exchange for a cheap ass bullshit "education" for people unable to make a better college choice. USA Today notes that House Education Committee Chairman John Kline, the congressman standing in the way of the Obama administration's efforts to cut back on the amount of money the federal government funnels to these fake schools (he is trying to pass a law to prevent your government from wasting money on craptastic for-profit colleges), is absolutely rolling in cash from these companies. Cash from profits they reaped by selling shitty educations to poor people on the public dime! (We may be generalizing a bit here, but only a bit.) Just for the record:

A USA TODAY analysis of newly filed campaign reports shows Kline raised $138,350 from April 1 through June 30 from the political action committees, employees and lobbyists of for-profit schools for his reelection campaign and his leadership PAC. That's nearly one-quarter of his total receipts and up from $20,700 that the industry gave to Kline during the first three months of the year.

This sort of thing is completely expected and unsurprising, and that's the problem.

[USAT. Photo: Shutterstock]