If you're smart, you have a different password for your email, Facebook, work email, etc. If you're dumb and lazy (like me) you have the same password for each, but still, sometimes it escapes you.

But what if instead of remembering which variation of your pet dog's name gets you on Twitter, you simply swallowed a computer chip? Last week, a Motorola executive named Regina Dugan proposed a simple solution to all this password craziness: a small pill that you ingest, allowing your stomach to act as an electrolyte in the chip’s battery and power it. Like a fob on your keychain, your whole body would know function as one large authentication device (for yourself).

“Authentication is irritating,” Dugan said while presenting the new pill. “So irritating that only about half the people do it even though there’s a lot of information about you on your smart phone.”

Just swallow an electronic chip in the morning, and you can prove that you are, in fact, you.

Of course, this could lead to some awkwardness when you return to the cubicle from a bathroom break to find your boss waiting for you to pull up the newest figures. You try to log in, but the computer says you're not authenticated. Your boss awkwardly waits as you swallow another pill, having just passed your last one.

[Image via Shutterstock]