Fox News has called a Facebook meme pointing out the network's abundance of white, blond-haired anchorwomen "yellow journalism" (I see what you did there) and argued that its staff is actually very diverse. Politifact found 14 blondes among Fox's female anchors and, Howard Kurtz is "relieved" to point out, a whole 12 non-blondes.

Here's the original Facebook image, which is usually captioned "the amazing diversity of Fox News anchors":

Politifact rated the claim that Fox News's anchors are all white and blonde "mostly false," apparently because a more-than-half-blonde staff isn't as homogeneous as an all-blonde one.

Mediaite, stunned that someone actually decided to "go down a list of female Fox News anchors and sort them by hair color," called bullshit on the Politifact findings, asking, hey, what's going on with omitting the non-blonde hosts of Outnumbered and putting Heather Nauert in the brunette column?

Even with those changes, though, light-haired women are heavily overrepresented at Fox News compared to the overall female population of the U.S., which is only 18% blonde.

[H/T Uproxx]