This week in what the fuck is happening in Florida, a murderer who escaped a Kansas maximum security prison in 1977 was finally apprehended again while he lived his new life as an air conditioner repair man in Deerfield Beach, Florida. His wife had "no idea" he was living under a fake name.

James Robert Jones (formerly known as Bruce Walter Keith) was convicted of assault and murder of a fellow soldier in Fort Dix, NJ in 1974 and sent to Kansas for a 23-year sentence.

Jones, 59, was one of the Army's 15 most-wanted fugitives after his 1977 escape from the Kansas prison dubbed "The Castle" for its large walls and tower keeps.

His Florida neighbors were shocked at the news, when law enforcement identified the fugitive's face by modern facial-recognition technology.

Tammy Deangelis, who lives next door, said: "We would all get together. It's a friendly quiet neighborhood. Good neighbors. Didn't even know he was in the military. If we had any air conditioning problems, we would go to him."

Jones' future sentence is unclear: he could face escape charges in addition to his past murder charges. When he was caught again, he reportedly told police officers, "I knew this would catch up with me someday."

The message? Never trust anyone in Florida.

[Image via Deerfield Beach/AP]