With the eyes of the nation trained firmly on which state will be next to legalize same-sex marriage, The Daily Show is naturally looking in the opposite direction: Which state will be last.

According to statistician Nate Silver, the two states most likely to battle it out for last-past-the-post are Alabama, with its notoriously harsh anti-gay laws, and Mississippi, where sodomy is still a felony.

To get a first-hand look at just how tough it's going to be to get those two state on board with this whole "equal rights for all" thing, Madrigal hired two men to play a stereotypically southern gay couple, and sent them to roam the streets in search of homophobia.

As it turned out, it was actually tougher to get Alabamians and Mississippians to treat the two gay guys inequitably.

"Alabama might as well be blowing Mississippi right now," Madrigal concluded. "They are kinda butt to butt there," added Silver.

[H/T: Uproxx, screengrab via The Daily Show]